Family Portraits by Ryan Arbilo

Marjorie Dinamling and husband Andrew Zizzi with children Mariandea and Steve.
Turin, Italy

I was only 23 years old when I left the Philippines. It was the only way to earn a higher salary to help my parents send my little sisters to a good university in the Philippines. Other than that, it was also a dream for me to discover new places, learn new cultures and acquire new knowledge to have a broader perspective in life.
So, as soon I’ve learnt that an agency was looking for teachers in China, I applied immediately. Fortunately, I was hired easily though the procedures on landing a job in China wasn’t that easy.
Within my 5 yrs of stay in China, I met my Italian husband. His name is Andrew Zizzi, a resident of Turin. I moved to Italy with him after our wedding in the Philippines in 2008. In Turin, we were blessed with two kids namely Mariandea Zizzi, 8 years old and Steve Angelo Zizzi, 2 years old.
After 10 years of marriage, our marriage is still solid though we have come through some difficulties along the way due to culture and religious beliefs.
But we learned to respect each other’s differences so as to live harmoniously as a couple and a family. I think the multi-cultural family has its positive side because it personally broadens our mind and we help to develop new generations with a wider vision in life inculcating respect to humankind regardless of race, religion and status in life.