Marvie Alla Deleña Villalobos and husband Enrico Miola
with daughter Martina Miola

Padova, Italy

Hi! I am Marvie 41 years old from the Philippines, I come here to Italy to work as a Domestic Helper. I left in the Philippines since September 1, 2008, I give up my job as a Kinder teacher in Public School, because my monthly salary is not enough for us to live. I sacrificed for my son for his future, because since when I was a kid, I dreamed to have a good life for my family. Especially for myself, I’ve met my second husband here in Italy living with him. At first, it was difficult because of the language barrier, but eventually, I learned to speak in Italian language, even though I’m not very fluent, but step by step I can say that I am improving. I was so happy and blessed because we have 5 years old daughter and my husband is very kind, understanding and responsible man. Especially when it comes to our family including also my son, he treated him as its own, that’s why I am the lucky one. I decided to work here even though it’s very difficult and at first, I feel lonely to go away from my son, but I need to give him the best that I can.