Family Portraits by Ryan Arbilo

Melba Dizon and husband Onofrio Greco with daughter Shiera Monique
Turin, Italy

I left the Philippines to work abroad so I can fulfill my dreams and to help my family and relatives as well. My husband was introduced to me by my Pinay friend (her stepmom’s friend). The place where I used to stay is my husband’s family property.Why Europian, why not Filipino?
I found in him all the traits and characteristics that I am looking for a man. My husband has no vices like smoking, alcohol, drinking nor gambling. He is supportive and a very loving husband.
My life struggles living with a European husband?
Misunderstanding is the common problem we encounter in our relationship since we have different nationalities. But because we both respect and love each other, there is no problem we cannot resolve.
Is it difficult to adjust with different culture?
At first, it was hard since we grew up with different cultures. But as our relationship went on, we both learned to adopt each other’s custom and/or tradition.